Co-creating the 4th U.S. National Action Plan for Open Government

The U.S. National Action Plans advance transparency, accountability, citizen participation, and technological innovation across government.

This page is to help co-create the fourth U.S. National Action Plan (NAP 4) with input from civil society. This is one opportunity to suggest and/or comment on the NAP 4 framework and ideas presented below.

Share your NAP 4 feedback by commenting on a GitHub issue below or propose a new commitment by following the guidance and creating a new issue. If you do not have a GitHub account, you may create an account for free. If you prefer not to create an account, you may email suggestions to and your contributions will be posted on your behalf. NAP 4 authors will review and consider all suggestions and feedback through GitHub, email, and in-person meetings although not all suggestions will necessarily receive a written response. All contributions are governed by our Public Engagement Guidelines. Thank you for your participation.

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  • Aug 14: Preliminary deadline for agencies to submit NAP 4 commitments
  • Aug 14 – Sep 22: Iterate with agencies, polish and finalize agency-level clearances
  • Sep 6: Open Gov Interagency & Civil Society Quarterly Meeting
  • Sep 6: Open Gov webpage — launches for public input
  • Sep 8: NAP 4 co-creation event at GSA with civil society — Emerging Tech and Open Data for a More Open and Accountable Government
  • Sep 15 – Oct 13: Iterate with civil society and agencies, polish and finalize final clearances
  • Sep 22: Final deadline for agencies to submit NAP 4 commitments
  • Sep 23: National Day of Civic Hacking in DC for NAP 4 co-creation with civil society at the Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub
  • Sep 29: Open Government National Action Plan Co-Creation Workshop at NARA Innovation Hub - Request an invitation by emailing
  • Oct 2: site closes to public feedback

In October 2017 a letter was published to note a delay in the publication of the Fourth National Action Plan until early 2018.

Guidance for Commitments

Thank you for your thoughts and contributions as we co-create the United States’ fourth National Action Plan (NAP 4). This year marks an important transition for U.S. commitments to open government, as we move from the broader initial set of initiatives and activities that have characterized our NAPs in the past, to a more streamlined, impactful, and elevated set of commitments. We encourage our Federal agency and civil society partners to work closely together to identify and deepen initiatives that are working, and to develop meaningful and ambitious NAP 4 commitments that reflect a spirit of accountability to U.S. citizens and demonstrate American leadership in promoting transparency and good government.

Commitments should be achievable by June 2019. They should be new, ambitious, and measurable per the template below.

Suggested Title

Topline Description - One sentence “elevator pitch”

Key Objective(s) - Describe how this initiative creates a more transparent, participatory, or collaborative government

Paragraph Description - For examples, please review paragraphs from past National Action Plan commitments (see

Measurable Metrics - How can we quantify, verify, monitor, and report progress? Work should be completed by June 2019. Timelines encouraged.

U.S. National Action Plan 4.0 DRAFT Framework

See all submitted commitments, goals, and feedback on GitHub.

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