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Transparency in Procurement through Made in America Waivers

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US0115.0 The Federal Government commits to expanding the coverage of waivers reported on the Made in America website, including by expanding to public interest and unreasonable cost waivers and making it easier to search for waivers related to both procurement and Federal financial assistance (such as grants).
Agency Office of Management and Budget, Made in America Office

The Made in America Office continues to publicly report waivers submitted by agencies across the federal government on the transparency website (see link below). The General Services Administration (GSA) is required to build and maintain the transparency website on behalf of the federal government. The Made in America Office is on track to work with the GSA on additional waiver types, including adding a public interest waiver type on the site this year (2023). This expansion and regular updates to the site aims to make searching for waivers easier for the public.

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