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Support Community Engagement in Agency Equity Action Plans

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US0122.0 The Federal Government commits to supporting agencies as they pursue additional community engagement efforts as part of implementation of their equity action plans.
Agency Office of Management and Budget, Office of Information and Regulation Affairs

OMB released a request for information related to its equity initiatives that included extensive feedback and community engagement. Links to the RFI and related activities can be found below.

Further support and progress related to community engagement around the implementation of equity action plans can be found at Activities include the White House Equity Summit, which featured a gathering of over 50 organizations to provide feedback about how agencies could better engage the public.

Additionally, the Domestic Policy Council released a report in February 2023 detailing implementation of the equity action plans. That report can be found here:

OMB also created the Equity Learning Community to create a durable space to promote champions of public participation in the work of federal government and to exchange learnings.

Lastly, the Office of Personnel Management continues to support agencies and post their equity action plans at

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