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Innovative Techniques to Engage Public in Public Procurement

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US0124.0 During Fiscal Year 2023 the Federal Government commits to continuing to use open innovation techniques and crowd- sourcing tools to foster meaningful dialogue with individuals and organizations with expertise and interest in Federal procurement matters.
Agency & Subagency Executive Office of the President
OMB / Office of Federal Procurement Policy
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February 2024 Progress

Progress Update:

The federal government continues to use open innovation crowdsourcing, supported by an online platform, to collaborate with the public on improving federal procurement. Two examples of crowdsourcing campaigns conducted by the Office of Management and Budget, Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) include:

  1. Unveiling the Future of Procurement Forecasts! This campaign previewed upcoming changes for agency forecasts of procurement opportunities. The campaign gained valuable feedback to ensure that upcoming changes aligned with the practical needs of businesses, federal agencies, and other stakeholders, and that agency forecasts of procurement opportunities are useful, timely, and accessible. ​

  2. Navigating Supply Chain Challenges: Tell us Your Toughest Sourcing Challenge: This campaign invited the federal workforce to help identify specific types of products or services that have been difficult to obtain in the federal marketplace. The campaign’s target audience included acquisition, supply chain, small business, category management, program and industrial policy experts, as well as others who struggle to find the right product or service for their agency’s mission or were working to analyze supply chain challenges. The results of the campaign support the commitment in OMB Memorandum M-23-11 to identify government-wide supply chains that should be prioritized due to diversity, economic, or national security risks.


Unveiling the Future of Procurement Forecasts!

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges:

August 2023 Progress The federal government continues to host crowdsourcing campaigns to gather valuable insights and feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders. These campaigns have been helpful in ensuring a more inclusive and informed decision-making approach on Federal procurement matters. Active campaigns are posted on

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