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Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking

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US0132.1 The Biden-Harris Administration issued a Presidential Memorandum establishing a Task Force on Scientific Integrity as part of the National Science and Technology Council. The Federal Government commits to continuing implementation of this Presidential Memorandum, including by supporting Federal agencies as they revise and implement respective policies on the scientific process.
Agency National Science and Technology Council, Science and Society Team

In January 2023, the National Science and Technology Council released a Framework for Federal Scientific Integrity Policy and Practice, which advises agencies on establishing or strengthening scientific integrity policies and provides a framework for regular assessment and iterative improvement of policies and practices to advance and sustain the work of protecting Federal science and enabling Federal scientists (link below).

US0132.2 In response to the Presidential Memorandum, the Office of Management and Budget released OMB M-21-27, which reaffirms and expands on previous guidance on Learning Agendas and Annual Evaluation Plans. It articulates that Federal agencies are expected to use evidence whenever possible to further both mission and operations, and to commit to build evidence where it is lacking. Agencies are also expected to meaningfully engage a diverse array of stakeholders to ensure they are asking the most relevant and urgent questions, and generating needed information that will be used.
Agency Office of Management and Budget

Agency Learning Agendas and Annual Evaluation Plans are posted on agency websites and linked centrally at Agency Learning Agenda questions are categorized by topic and available for public users on a searchable Learning Agenda Question Dashboard (link below).

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