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Support Strong Whistleblower Protections

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US0138.0 Consistent with the guidance that the Office of Management and Budget released in December 2021, Federal agencies will communicate and provide training about whistleblower rights and protections to supervisors and employees. Those protections and trainings will emphasize that agencies and supervisors cannot retaliate against employees who report concerns, cooperate with IGs, or otherwise blow the whistle. The Biden-Harris Administration commits to ongoing implementation of this guidance.
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OMB / Office of Federal Financial Management
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February 2024 Progress

Progress Update:

In addition to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance released in December 2021, the Biden-Harris Administration is proposing several changes to the OMB guidance for Federal financial assistance that addresses whistleblower protections and cooperation with Inspectors General. OMB is proposing a new section of 2 CFR that addresses whistleblower protections for recipients of Federal financial assistance, stipulating that recipient employees can not be discriminated against for disclosing fraud or mismanagement. OMB is also updating the guidance to require recipients to disclose any credible evidence of a violation of Federal criminal law potentially affecting the Federal award to the agency’s Office of Inspector General, in addition to the current requirement to report this information only to the Federal agencies.



August 2023 Progress Progress update pending

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