Schedule of 2023 Engagement Sessions

Fifth Open Government National Action Plan

Updated September 11, 2023

Since releasing the Fifth Open Government National Action Plan in December 2022, the Federal Government began implementing the many commitments outlined within it. In advance of publishing progress toward those commitments, the Open Government Working Group is releasing the schedule of virtual engagement sessions below with registration links. Each session will focus on one or two themes and during the session, agency representatives will report on the progress of implementation and upcoming milestones for commitments within the theme. These virtual engagement sessions will also offer the opportunity for civil society stakeholders and the public to provide feedback and ask questions regarding the risks and challenges related to implementation. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Registration information for these events will be posted here in the weeks leading up to them. We look forward to collaborating with you.

July 2023

  • July 12, 11am-12pm EST – Transforming Government Service Delivery – Meeting Record
  • July 20, 2pm-3:30pm EST – Increasing Civic Space to Engage the Public – Meeting Record
  • July 27, 2pm-3pm EST – Community Discussion: Open forum on re-designing the U.S. Open Government website and input on how we track progress on the U.S. National Action Plan – Meeting Record

August 2023

  • August 16, 1pm-2pm EST – Improving Access to Government Data, Research, and Information –Meeting Record

September 2023

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