Co-Creation Outreach - U.S. National Action Plan for Open Government


The initial outreach and idea generation phase of the co-creation process will involve proactive efforts to identify and include civil society organizations and an inclusive and diverse community of voices. This will also include research to capture existing compilations of recommendations and prior recommendations which remain relevant. This will be the first opportunity to begin to provide ideas and problem statements that can help form the basis of commitments in the new plan.

Public input for the outreach phase is divided into three sections. You can provide input for each. If you have civil society organizations, communities, experts, and more inclusive voices to suggest, please use the Community Outreach Form. If you have an existing compilation of recommendations, use the Research Form. If you have individual problem statements, please submit each one using the Problem Statement Form.


Provide Your Input

  • Community Outreach: Identify civil society organizations, communities, experts, and more inclusive voices to help us inform and engage a more diverse and robust co-creation process.
  • Research: Identify existing reports, recommendations, and landscape analysis to help us inform a comprehensive, responsive, and evidence-based co-creation process.
  • Problem Statements: Explain the problem that open government can address. Identify unmet needs, broken processes, and problems around transparency, participation, accountability. Explain how open government commitments can deliver a more responsive, equitable, and accountable government for and by the people

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