July 2023 Community Discussion: Open forum on re-designing the U.S. Open Government website and input on how we track progress on the U.S. National Action Plan


As outlined in the Fifth U.S. Open Government National Action Plan, OMB and GSA shared progress on the redesign of the U.S. Open Government website, and facilitated a community discussion on how to track progress on the commitments made by the National Action Plan. A “beta” version of a new online tool called the “Commitment Tracker” has been published online and made available to the public in anticipation of this session.

The goal of this engagement session was to get feedback from users on the design of the Commitment Tracker, applying Human-Centered Design principles. Interactive workshops with the public were facilitated using Mural, an online digital whiteboard. Please find the board here.

The agenda for the session is as follows:

  • Welcome: Session & Engagement Goals
  • Hopes & Fears Workshop (facilitated by Mural whiteboard)
  • Usability Testing of the Commitment Tracker using “I like, I wish, I wonder” methodology (facilitated by Mural)
  • Closing Remarks

Recording of the Meeting

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